IEEE P7030 Working Group

Title: Recommended Practice for Ethical Assessment of Extended Reality (XR) Technologies

Scope: This standard establishes a uniform set of definitions, and a methodology to assess the socio-technical considerations and practices regarding (“XR”) Extended Reality (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Immersive Web and Spatial Web technologies) where this methodology shapes the positive design of XR systems.

The Standard provides the following:
a) a high-level overview of the technical and socio-technical aspects of XR;
b) a set of XR definitions and classifications based on existing XR research and application verticals;
c) a standardized definition of ethical assessment methodologies of XR products, services and systems; and,
d) a high-level ethical (where “ethical” is defined as “Supporting the realization of positive values or the reduction of negative values”) assessment methodology for the design of XR products, services, or systems. The applied ethical approach utilizes IEEE’s Ethically Aligned Design (EAD). “Positive” is defined as the support of improved human flourishing” (or “human wellbeing and environmental flourishing.”)