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P825 – Guide for Interoperability of Transactive Energy Systems with Electric Power Infrastructure

The purpose of the standard is to provide guidance on treatment of matters in which the dominant factors are the application, design, deployment and operation of consumer and prosumer energy services behind the meter, and the technology and standards to support the functions of these consumer and prosumer interests, including processes and business models that expand and clarify the relationship between the grid and energy resources and services behind the meter, called transactive energy systems. Leveraging the widely adopted IEEE1547 interconnection standard as well as the multiple communications protocols, this standard will provide the guidance for efficient development of Smart Grid interoperability features needed by Transactive Energy systems.This guide will permit common transactive grid services to be exercised by connected Distributed Energy Resource assets behind the meter. The guide brings together a broad set of grid interoperability standards that will utilize the underlying IEEE1547 Interconnection conformity as an integration platform while leveraging multiple communications protocols.

IEEE P825 WG Officers

Paul Heitmann,

Vice Chair

Ian Beil,

Staff Liason
Malia Zaman,

IEEE P825 Transactive Energy Working Group