P9274.2.1 - xAPI Profiles Working Group

Sponsoring Society and Committee: IEEE Computer Society/ Learning Technology (C/LT)

Title: Standard for JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data (JSON-LD) for Application Profiles of Learner Experience Data

Scope: This Standard describes a JSON-LD format that defines concepts, templates and patterns of learner experience data.

Need for the Project: Today’s learning ecosystems, digital applications, content resources, and web-based tools take advantage of large amounts of Learner Experience Data to provide learning analytics to improve curricula, to apply artificial intelligence for the purpose of making recommendations, to visualize data in ways that leverage advances in linked data, and more. Without a common mechanism to govern both generating and validating learning experience data, providers of learner experience data may track similar learner activity. However, collections of such data from different providers, at present, cannot easily be queried together because of semantic differences in each provider’s expression of the learner activity. The result is inconsistent and disparate Learner Experience Data making accurate evaluations of learning competency difficult or impossible. This project standardizes the schema for learner experience data allowing vendors to build interoperable solutions and to take advantage of many products that support this learner experience data.