Scope: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles applications, command, control, and communications.

Approved standards:

1. IEEE1937.1-2020 Standard of Interface Requirements and Performance Characteristics of Payload Devices in Drones, Chair: Haiying Lu, [email protected], Website: https://sagroups.ieee.org/1937-1/.

2. IEEE1936.1-2021 Standard for Drone Applications Framework, Chair: Xiang Tan,[email protected], Website: https://sagroups.ieee.org/1936-1/.

3. IEEE1939.1-2021 Standard for a Framework for Structuring Low Altitude Airspace for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Operations, Chair: Xiaohan Liao, [email protected], Website: https://sagroups.ieee.org/1939-1/.

4. P1936.2 Photogrammetric technical requirements of civil light and small UAS for power grid survey and design, Chair: Wenjun Han, [email protected].

Active projects:

1. P1937.3 Protocol for the Flight Data Transmission of Civil Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Based on BeiDou Short Message,Chair: Yanli Xue, [email protected].

2. P1937.6 Standard for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Light Detection and Ranging(LiDAR)  remote sensing operation, Chair: Chigang Peng, [email protected].

3. P1937.7 Standard for the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle polarimetric remote sensing method for earth observation applications, Chair: Lei Yan, [email protected]. Website: https://sagroups.ieee.org/1937-7/.

4. P1937.8 Functional and Interface Requirements for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles’ Cellular Communication Terminals, Chair: Yu Su, Email: [email protected]

5. P1937.9 Requirements for External Power and Power Management Interfaces for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Chair: Haibin Wang, Email: [email protected]

6. P1936.3 Standard for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Using Light Detection And Ranging for Above 110kv Overhead Transmission Line Survey and Design, Chair: Wenjun Han. Website: https://sagroups.ieee.org/1936-3/.

7. P1936.4 Technical Requirements for the Maintenance of Multi-rotor Unmanned Aircraft Systems Used for Power Grid Inspection, Chair: Jie Niu

8. P1936.5 Technical Requirements for Intelligent Hangar Housing Unmanned Aircraft Systems Used for Power Grid Inspection, Chair: Licong Ding

9. P1937.11 Technical requirements of polar coordinate photogrammetry based on Unmanned Aircraft System, Chair: Lei Yan

10. P1937.12 Standard for Technical Requirements for Emergency Cellular Communication System Based on Fixed-Wing Unmanned Aircraft System, Chair: Yu Su

Transfering projects:

1. P1920.1 Aerial Communications and Networking Standards, Chair: Kamesh Namuduri, [email protected].

2. P1920.2 Standard for Vehicle to Vehicle Communications for Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Chair: Kamesh Namuduri, [email protected].

Standards Committee Officers

Haiying  LU , john-bj@163.com

Vice Chair
Kamesh Namuduri, Kamesh.Namuduri@unt.edu

Dr. Yu Su, suyu@cmii.chinamobile.com

Program Manager
Jennifer Santulli, J.Santulli@ieee.org