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PAR Study Groups

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Adaptive Management for Cloud Computing The scope of this group will be to investigate the concepts of Adaptive Management as applied to cloud computing ecosystems. Topics to be explored include:

– Adaptive management of cloud-based systems
– Management in federated domains/Interoperability of management domains
– Application of artificial intelligence

Joel FleckĀ 
IEEE 2301-2020, Guide for Cloud Portability and Interoperability Profiles (CPIP) Revision IEEE 2301 provides advice for cloud computing ecosystem participants (cloud vendors, service providers, and users) of standards-based choices in areas such as application interfaces, portability interfaces, management interfaces, interoperability interfaces, file formats, and operation conventions.

Since IEEE 2301 was published, the cloud standards ecosystem has evolved significantly. This study group will investigate the need for a revision of IEEE 2301, and if so, develop a Project Authorization Request (PAR).

Brian D’Andrade