IEEE Cloud Gaming Working Group

There are two active entity based projects under the IEEE Cloud Gaming working Group;

Project Title: Standard for Framework and Definitions for Cloud Gaming

Project Number: P2948

Scope of Proposed Standard: This standard provides definitions and terminologies of the components of a cloud gaming system. The standard details the roles and functional modules of cloud gaming from both user and system points of view. The standard also defines and categorizes different genres of games that could have different technical requirements.

Project Title: Recommended Practice for the Evaluation of Cloud Gaming User Experiences

Project Number: P2949

Scope of Proposed Standard:  This recommended practice provides a comprehensive set of evaluation methods and models to provide a systematic and quantitative description of the end-to-end user experience for cloud gaming. This includes the evaluation of audio and video quality, stability and fluency of games, as well as interaction quality (such as user experience/user interface (UX/UI) design, and latency).