IEEE Computer Society Standards Activities Board Standards Committee

Computer Society Charter

10.6.3. SAB Standards Committee

The SAB Standards Committee shall manage working groups and standards development projects that are under the purview of the Computer Society and for which no existing standards committee is appropriate (e.g. for new lines of work or for standards for which a viable standards committee has not been identified). The SAB Standards Committee shall develop standards and operate under policies and procedures approved by the IEEE SA. The SAB Standards Committee chair shall recommend the establishment of new standards committees to continue work started in the SAB Standards Committee, when appropriate.



The scope of the SAB Standards Committee is any standards development activity within the scope of the IEEE Computer Society. In the event that the Computer Society determines that a new standard is needed that does not fall within the purview of existing Standards Activities Board Standards Committees, the Standards Activities Board may elect to assign the standard to the SAB Standards Committee as the Standards Committee.