Design Automation Standards Committee

The Ron Waxman Award

The Design Automation Standards Committee (DASC) is responsible for the standardization of Design Automation-related standards in the IEEE Standards Association. This award is named for Ron Waxman, a founder of the DASC, in recognition of his many years of leadership, and service to IEEE and international standards.

The annual Ron Waxman DASC Meritorious Service Award recognizes commendable accomplishments by members of the DASC or DASC Working Groups. The DASC Awards Committee calls for nominations and selects the recipient per the DASC Policies and Procedures. The DASC membership confirms the selection.

Nominations for 2024 candidates is open.

The deadline for nomination submissions is 5:00pm, Friday 28 June 2024.  You can find the 2024 Ron Waxman Meritorious Service Award nomination form here.

2023 IEEE DASC Ron Waxman Meritorious Service Awardees

2023 IEEE DASC Ron Waxman Meritorious Service Awardees & Presenters [Pictured: Dennis Brophy, Ron Waxman, Gen’ichi Tanaka, Dave Rich, Yatin Trivedi]

2023 Awardees

  • 2023 Dave Rich
  • 2023 JEITA SSS-TC, accepted¬†by Gen’ichi Tanaka

Prior Awardees

  • 2022 Tom Fitzpatrick
  • 2021 Riccardo Mariani
  • 2020 John Biggs
  • 2019 Ernst Christen
  • 2018 Karen Bartleson
  • 2017 Karen Pieper
  • 2016 Yatin Trivedi
  • 2015 Erich Marschner
  • 2014 Dennis Brophy
  • 2013 Victor Berman
  • 2012 Stan Krolikoski
  • 2011 Larry Saunders
  • 2010 Hal Carter
  • 2009 Peter Ashenden
  • 2008 John Hines
  • 2007 Gabe Moretti