IEEE Std 1876 - Networked Smart Learning Objects for Online Laboratories

WG Member – PhD Dissertation

On Monday March 22nd Luis Felipe Zapata-Rivera, the WG Vice-Chair  supervised by Dr. Maria Larrondo Petrie successfully defended his thesis at Florida Atlantic University FAU with the highest mark!.

Dissertation Title: “Models and implementations of online Laboratories; A definition of a standard architecture to integrate distributed remote experiments


This achievement for the working group members adds to previous achievements of WG graduate student members during the standard development period (2011-2019):


WG Member: Dr. Raul Cordeiro (2018) 

Dissertation Title:Evolution Model for Remote and Virtual Laboratories”

Supervisor(s) : Dr. José Manuel Fonseca and Dr. Gustavo Ribeiro Alves


WG Member: Dr. Wissam Halimi (2018) 

Dissertation Title: “Topics in Educational Cyber-Physical Labs: Configurations, Data Collection and Analysis”

Supervisor(s):  Dr. Denis Gillet and Dr. Christophe Salzmann


WG Member: Dr.  Mohamed Mhamdi (2017)

Dissertation Title:  “Contribution to the Specification of an Advanced support Environment  for 3D Automation Remote Laboratory”

Supervisor(s):  Dr. Hamadou Saliah-Hassane and Dr. Rafik Braham


WG Member: Dr. Luis de la Torre (2013)

Dissertation Title: “New Generation Virtual and Remote Laboratories”

Supervisor(s) :  Dr. José Sánchez Moreno and Dr. Sebastián Dormido Bencomo


WG Member: Dr. Pablo Orduña (2013)

Dissertation Title:  “Transitive and Scalable Federation Model for Remote Laboratories”

Supervisor(s) :  Dr. Javier García-Zubia


WG Member: Dr. Mohamed Tawfik (2011)

Dissertation Title: “Laboratory as a Service (LaaS): a Paradigm for Developing and Implementing Modular Remote Laboratories”

Supervisor(s) : Dr. Manuel Castro and Dr. Elio San Cristobal


WG MemberDr. Felix Garcia-Loro (2018) 

Dissertation Title: “Evaluation and Learning in Remote Laboratories: A Proposal for an Automatic System for Formative Assessment Applied to VISIR Remote Laboratory”

Supervisor(s) :  Dr. Manuel Castro and Dr. Sergio Martin