IEEE Metaverse Standards Committee (CTS/MSC)

“Demystifying, Defining, Developing, and Deploying the Metaverse”

The scope of the Standards Committee is to develop and maintain standards, recommended practices, and guides for metaverse, virtual reality and augmented reality, using an open and accredited process, and to advocate them on a global basis. Its technical scope is intended to be flexible and is ultimately determined by the sum of its approved PARs.

Metaverse refers to a kind of experience in which the outside world is perceived by the users (human or non-human) as being a universe that is built upon digital technologies as a different universe (“Virtual Reality”), a digital extension of our current universe (“Augmented Reality”), or a digital counterpart of our current universe (“Digital Twin”). Named after the universe, a metaverse shall be persistent and should be massive, comprehensive, immersive, and self-consistent. Described as “meta”, a metaverse should be ultra-realistic, accessible, pervasive, and may be decentralized. In a narrow sense, metaverse may be simply defined as Persistent Virtual Reality (PVR). In a broad sense, metaverse is the advanced stage and long-term vision of Digital Transformation.

Working Groups:

IEEE Metaverse Working Group (MWG)

IEEE Augmented Reality on Mobile Devices Working Group (ARMDWG)


Yu Yuan

Vice Chair
Sharon Peng

Lee Stogner

Carole Carey

Victor Huang

Ralf Ma

Staff Manager
Soo Kim