Release Notes

Release 3.2 – 28 October 2021:

  • For ballots where invitations have been re-opened or extended, the “initial Invitation Close Date” will be displayed on the ballot details screen. This is to aid in compliance with IEEE SA Standards Board Operations Manual 5.4.2: “If a ballot does not open within 6 months of the initial invitation close date, the ballot group will be considered invalid and the Standards Committee shall conduct a new invitation.”
  • Email reminders to open a ballot will be sent to Group officers at intervals of 30, 60, 90, 120 and 150 days from the original invitation close date for ballots still in the pre-ballot stage.
  • “Administrative Withdrawal” will no longer appear as an option on the PAR withdrawal request form
  • PAR submitter emails will no longer display on PAR form views. Standards Committee/Working Group officers and NesCom members will still be able to view submitter information via the submission details screen.
  • Miscellaneous text updates and bug fixes

Release 3.1 – 7 August 2021:

  • Add additional help text to “Must Be Satisfied” comment field for balloters
  • NesCom and RevCom Submission Summary view improvements for committee members
    • Filter by current preliminary vote
    • Show only submissions user has commented on
  • Allow submission of revision PARs on withdrawn or inactive standards
  • Allow assignment of Open Source Lead role in addition to other officer roles.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Release 3.0 – 1 July 2021:

  • Working Group Awards
    • This feature will allow a Working Group Chair or Vice-Chair to populate a list of award recipients based on involvement levels set in the Working Group roster. The system will automatically pull the recipient’s address from their IEEE account profile if they have provided one. The Chair/Vice-Chair can then select the type of award the individual should receive and select a delivery method. Once all selections are made, the information can be submitted to the IEEE SA Awards Administrator for processing.
    • This feature will only be available for any standards approved after 1 July 2021, and use is optional at this time. Submission via the existing method will continue to be available until further notice.
    • Please see the following document for more details
  • Added a global email footer to include instructions on how to unsubscribe
  • Improved search on manage interests to handle project number searches with or without “P”
  • Live updates in myProject from IEEE Accounts (Previously required a user to log in to update information)
  • Added full SASB approval date to PAR/Standards Report
  • Added “Editorial Requirements Met” checkbox to ballot details screens. This allows editorial staff to indicate requirements met without making comments.
  • Added an “All Rounds of Balloting” view to ballot details comments area

  • Fix for zip file downloads not closing tab after completion of download
  • Fix for comment dispositions allowed during recirculation review

Release 2.4.1 – 5 April 2021:

  • Fix for cookie consent banner dismissal not preserved in new session
  • Fix for roster uploads failing due to invalid email error
  • Fix for PAR extension request display issue

Release 2.4 – 25 Feb 2021:

  • Backend technology upgrades
  • Implemented https file downloads. This fixes downloads being blocked by security features in Chrome browser.
  • Increased login timeout to 4 hours
  • Fix for some users getting 413 browser and requiring cache to  be cleared
  • Improvements to change tracking on modified PARs

Sync Resumed – 10 Feb 2021:

  • IMAT/Mentor Sync resumed
    • Any new changes made in myProject groups and associated officers, involvement levels and affiliations will be automatically synced to IMAT/Mentor at 11:30 PM ET each day
    • Updates to affiliations made via logging attendance will not be synced back to myProject at this time, but will not be overwritten by the sync process unless users make subsequent changes directly via the  myProject interface.

Release 2.3 – 15 Dec 2020:

  • Fix for public PAR page display issue
  • Do not allow duplicate PAR requests (extend, withdraw, modify) on the same active PAR
  • Improved error messages for comment uploads with incorrect format
  • Added new Working Group officer, OS Lead, no permissions are attached to the role at this time
  • Refresh for project group shortname values. These may have been displaying incorrectly if projects were moved to new groups.
  • Improvements to PAR change tracking
  • Update to reflect society name change Consumer Electronic Society (CES) to Consumer Technology Society (CTS)
  • Roster updates via upload no longer set involvement levels to “pending” if the user has alredy declared an affiliation in the group.
  • Improvements to committee name display in alerts
  • Other minor bug fixes

Release 2.2.3 – 26 Oct 2020:

  • Allow submission of withdrawals to RevCom while in initial ballot stage
  • Other minor bug fixes

Release 2.2.2 – 16 Oct 2020:

  • Fix for some unsubscribed users getting digest emails
  • Other minor bug fixes

Release 2.2.1 – 1 Oct 2020:

  • Additional title no longer required on submittal of corrigendum PAR
  • Fix for minor issues with entity project sorting on PAR/standards report
  • Other minor bug fixes

Release 2.2 – 4 Sep 2020:

  • Re-enabled required annual profile updates with enhanced help screens
  • Added support for balloting Open Source Standards projects
  • Updated revcom submittal for to add additional questions
  • Fix for group rosters showing NULL name values

Release 2.1.1 – 17 Aug 2020:

  • Fix for Working Group Secretary unable to add new users to roster
  • Fix for PAR/Standard Report export issue
  • Fix for PAR form errors caused by incorrect date format entries

Release 2.1 – 15 Jul 2020:

  • Fix for roster uploads by Working Group Secretary giving permissions errors.
  • Fix for incorrect date displayed on initiate recirculation screen
  • Fix for display of ballots in PAR/Standard report and Manage ballots screen not showing “Submitted to RevCom” flag
  • Fix for landing page URL ( must include #landing in order to properly load resulting in improper navigation from search engines
  • Label change to on ballots tab to “My Ballots (voter)”
  • Improvements to unread messages count refresh

Release 2.0 – 26 May 2020:

  • New Feature: Message Center
  • Users can now opt out of ballot notifications for a ballot they have been invited to
  • Improvements to the sorting of groups with decimal numbers in the short name
  • Fix for issue with Standards Committee unable to reject PAR with pending Working Group requests
  • Fix for incorrect ordering when sorting open invitations by committee

Release 1.5 – 30 Apr 2020:

  • Non-ballot comments now include requirement for group officers to add commenter affiliation with comment entry/upload
  • Fix for sort by committee issue on PAR/Standard report
  • Added search feature for adding users to group roster from interested list
  • Fix for Project Administrator role unable to respond to revCom comments
  • Fix for ballot comment upload not allowing Roman Numeral page numbers
  • Fix for some users not properly updating IEEE and/or IEEE SA membership in myProject
  • Improved logging of outgoing emails to better support reported email non-receipt issues

Release 1.4.5 – 09 Apr 2020:

  • Fix for NesCom and RevCom submissions not accepted on submission deadline dates
  • “Out of Cycle” comments now referred to as “Non-Ballot” comments
  • Fix for issue with meeting dates not showing up properly on RevCom submission confirmation emails
  • Increased size of “Sponsor Text”/”Message from Working Group Chair” text box

Release 1.4 – 25 Mar 2020:

  • Fix for AudCom P&P and checklist submission dates may show incorrect submission date depending on time of submission due to an incorrect time zone translation.
  • Fix for IE11 Manage Group > Officer tab does not load Group officer information.
  • Fix for issues with filtering rosters by involvement level
  • Improvements to session timeout behavior
  • PAR display improvements
  • Fix for IEEE Account address display in myProject

Release 1.3.5 – 5 Mar 2020:

  • Fix to allow multiple project level administrators
  • Fix for roster file formatting issues  on files with over 1158 rows
  • Fix for public P&P list formatting and sort issues
  • Fix for non-ballot comments incorrectly tagged with affiliation and classification of uploader
  • Fix for NesCom PAR display issues
  • Fix for system not allowing IEEE “Affiliates” to hold officer roles

Release 1.3 – 27 Feb 2020:

  • Fix for Ballot invitation close dates not updating on Program Manager approval.
  • Fix for greek characters not coming through in CSV comment exports
  • Added “My Vote Summary” for RevCom and NesCom member preliminary votes
  • Fix for PAR PDF display issues involving special characters and new line characters
  • Fix for “Message from Working Group Chair” getting cut off after requesting initiating  ballot or recircualtion.
  • Fix for issue with export of comments beginning with ‘ character
  • Fix for issue with upload of balloter comments containing special characters
  • Fix for issue with comment resolution upload/download caused by comments containing new line characters
  • Fix for duplicate emails being sent on ballot notices
  • Fix for IE11 users unable to join ballots

Release 1.2.5 – 20 Feb 2020:

  • Users will no longer be prompted to update preferences if they have not done so in the past year. This feature was causing confusion and was removed due to user feedback.
  • Landing page now loads with IE11. Note: IE11 is still not a recommended browser.
  • Fixes to incorrect dates showing on initiate ballot and recirculation
  • Fixes to PAR submitter not being able to respond to NesCom comments
  • Fixes for incorrect email template being sent for Entity ballot invitations
  • Fixes for users unable to log votes and comments on ballots/recirculations for the last 12 hours prior to close

Release 1.2 – 11 Feb 2020:

  • Users will now be prompted to update preferences if they have not done so in the past year
  • Outgoing emails now include a template code to help IEEE staff in revising message text and researching delivery issues
  • Fixes to search on public P&P view

Release 1.1 – 5 Feb 2020:

  • Roster updates in myProject will now be reflected in IMAT and Mentor

Release 1.0 – 29 Jan 2020:

The rollout of the new myProject has been completed and it has a new look and feel and a few new features.  There are a couple of things that are still being worked on and will be updated shortly: 
  • The comment download and subsequent upload functionality is still being improved (Conducting comment disposition within the application is not affected). A point release will be made to fix this functionality in approximately 3-4 weeks. In order to use the functionality, one of the following methods should work:
    • If you are using downloaded files with external comment disposition applications, including the IEEE SA Java comment resolution tool, the compatibility with these tools will likely be affected. Please ensure that you are downloading and saving as a plain csv file, NOT an MS DOS csv file for better compatibility with external tools.
    • If you are having any trouble with the download or upload functionality, please contact us for additional assistance.