myProject Help

New Feature: Message Center

With the myProject Message Center, you can now see copies of all messages sent to you from the myProject system.

Note: Only messages sent after 26 May, 2020 will be displayed. If you do not see the new icon in the top bar, please clear your browser cache.

  • You can access the Message Center at any time by clicking on the mail icon in the application top bar. Your unread message count will be shown in the red circle.

  • All messages will be displayed until they are deleted. Unread messages will show as bold in the list.

  • Clicking on any message subject line will display the full message text.

  • You can mark messages as read/unread or delete messages in bulk by clicking on the checkbox to the left of the messages. Clicking the box in the header bar will select all messages on that page.

  • Click on the “Show Deleted Messages” button to display your deleted messages. Deleted messages will be retained indefinitely.


Test: PDF Sample 2