IEEE Computer Society Open Source Software Project Governance Working Group

The IEEE Computer Society Standards Activity Board Standards Committee (C/SAB SC) has approved a Working Group to develop a Recommended Practice for Open Source Software Project Governance.

Recommended practices describe a preferred method, predominantly using “shoulds” rather than mandatory requirements that use “shalls”. This is an attempt to collect together the common terminology and recognized practices of open source software governance from the past quarter century into a document that will provide a basic framework to help people interested in developing open source projects.

The intention of this recommended practice and working group will not be debating the Open Source Definition, or recommending specific licenses, or debating business practices and business models or intellectual property (IP) policies.

Everyone is welcome to participate. The working group typically meets for two hours at 16:00 UTC on the first Wednesday of the month. Agenda and meeting information is available on the mailing list.

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