IEEE P3195 - IEEE Ontology Standards Working Group (OSWG)

Approved Project Authorization Requests:

  • P3195 Requirements for a Mid-Level Ontology and Extensions
    • Specifies the requirements for a mid-level ontology and for the creation of conforming extensions and modules (i.e., subsets) therefrom. A mid-level ontology is a set of well-defined terms and relations used across multiple domains, which enables conforming extensions for specific domains or applications. It extends from (and conforms to) a top-level ontology.  See PAR for P3195
  • P3195.1 Common Core Ontology (CCO) (Conforms to ISO/IEC-JTC1-21838-2 Basic Formal Ontology
    • Defines a mid-level ontology that specifies a set of well-defined terms and relations commonly used across multiple domains. It enables conforming extension ontologies to re-use these terms and introduce only the more specific terms and relations of their respective domains.  See PAR for P3195.1.
  • P3195.1.1 Cyber Ontology
    • Defines a conforming domain extension of P3195.1 Standard for Common Core Ontology. It specifies well-defined terms and relations for the domain of Cyber, which are too specific to be included in the Common Core Ontology. See PAR for P3195.1.1

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