IEEE P3162 Synthetic Aperture Channel Sounding Working Group

Title: IEEE P3162 Standard for Synthetic Aperture Channel Sounding Measurements

Scope: The standard defines procedures and signal processing steps for conducting synthetic aperture sounding measurements in wireless channels between 3 GHz to 100 GHz using a Vector Network Analyzer (VNA), mechanical positioner, and transmit and receive antennas. The standard describes how to configure the transmit and receive antennas, mechanical positioner, and VNA. The standard provides coordinate systems for specifying beam steering directions. The standard also lists Fourier processing steps to generate directional Power Delay Profiles (PDPs) and delay slices of the channel impulse response. This standard includes an open-source component with data and source code, including code that reproduces the technical results used to derive the standard. The standard includes simulations that account for spherical phase fronts.


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