GRSS/SC/Hyperspectral Working Group

Title: Standard for Characterization and Calibration of Ultraviolet through Shortwave Infrared (250 nm to 2500 nm) Hyperspectral Imaging Devices


The standard defines terminology, device classes, laboratory tests, characterization and calibration methodologies, and recommended practices for application-specific tasks. Initial work is limited to devices that cover the the 0.25-2.50um spectral region.

Hyperspectral imaging is an innovative and exciting technology that hold incredible diagnostic, scientific and categorization power. Current industry innovation is a testament to the creative power and imagination of the diverse community seeking to optimize this technology. However, fundamental instrument performance is not well characterized, well understood or well represented to suit distinct application endeavors or commercial market expectations. Establishing a common language, technical specification, testing criteria, task-specific recommendations and common data formats are essential to allowing this technology to achieve its true altruistic and economic market potential. The working group needs passionate experts that are willing to lend their time and experience to transform this world-changing imaging technique into reliable, predictable tools for science and industry.