Title: Working Group for Synthetic Aperture Radar Metadata Content Standard

Scope:   This standard involves the metadata content for all airborne and spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data. This specifies the metadata content only, not the encoding of the metadata. In particular, this standard provides the means for describing the instrument, the acquisition, and operating mode(s) and parameters, as well as the processing algorithms that have been applied to the data, as well as any parameters related to those processing algorithms.

This standard will enable the writing of standardized software that can be applied to a great variety of existing and future SAR data. This will solve the current problem where different software is required for applying the same algorithm to different SAR datasets merely because the software can only read a particular dataset format.

WG Officers

Wade Schwartzkopf, Wade.C.Schwartzkopf@nga.mil

Vice Chair
Leland Pierce, lep@umich.edu

Marc Trachy, marc.trachy@govsco.com

Kevin Romero, romerok1@ca.rr.com

IEEE Program Manager
Vanessa Lalitte, v.lalitte@ieee.org