Smart Manufacturing Standards Committee

Active Standards Projects

P2671-Standard for General Requirements of Online Detection Based on Machine Vision in Intelligent Manufacturing

This standard specifies through the general requirements of online detection based on machine vision, including requirements for data format, data transmission processes, definition of application scenarios and performance metrics for evaluating the effect of online detection deployment.(P2671 PAR)

P2672 - Guide for General Requirements of Mass Customization

This guide provides the definitions, terminologies, operation procedures, system architectures, key technological requirements, data requirements and applications of and related to user-oriented mass customization. This guide provides reference information to be used by manufacturing enterprises for designing and implementing business models of mass customization.(P2672 PAR)

P2806 - System Architecture of Digital Representation for Physical Objects in Factory Environments

This standard defines the system architecture of digital representation for physical objects in factory environments. The system architecture describes the objective, important components, required data resources and basic establishing procedure of digital representation in factory environments.(P2806 PAR)

P2879 - General Principles for Assessment of a Smart Factory

This standard defines basic terminologies, assessment process requirements, indicator metrics, assessment methods and assessment criteria of smart factories.(P2879 PAR)

P2806.1-Standard for Connectivity Requirements of Digital Representation for Physical Objects in Factory Environments

This standard defines the connectivity requirements of digital representations for physical objects in factory environments. Based on heterogeneous data, the connectivity requirements include high-speed protocol conversion, unified data modeling and data access interfaces to meet the interoperability and interaction requirements between physical objects and the corresponding digital representations.(P2806.1 PAR)

P2934-Standard for Logistics Operation Process in a Smart Factory

This standard defines logistics operations processes in a smart factory, including the process composition such as warehousing, packaging, shipment or transportation, implementation conditions, process quality evaluation and process improvement. This standard defines methods for management organization, facility layout, equipment requirements, information systems, employee requirements, and emergency management and evaluation in a smart factory.(P2934 PAR)

P2959-Standard for Technical Requirements of Standard-Oriented Knowledge Graphs

This document specifies data and schema requirements for knowledge graphs constructed from published standards which can be automatically machine readable. A knowledge graph construction process and performance metrics are specified. Application scenarios are also described.(P2959 PAR)