IEEE P1752 Open Mobile Health Working Group

Sponsor: EMB Standards Committee, Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
Sponsor Chair:  Carole C. Carey

Title: Standard for Mobile Health Data

Scope:  This standard will define specifications for a mobile health data applications programming interface (API) and standardized representations for mobile health data and metadata. Mobile health data encompasses personal health data collected from sensors and mobile applications.

  • Purpose: The purpose is to provide standard semantics to enable meaningful description, exchange, sharing, and use of mobile health data. Data and associated metadata will be sufficiently clear and complete to support analysis for a set of consumer health, biomedical research, and clinical care needs.
  • Need: Standardizing mobile health data and metadata will make data aggregation across multiple mobile health sources easier and more accurate, and will reduce the costs of using mobile health data to make biomedical discoveries and to improve health and manage disease.
  • Stakeholders: Wearable device makers, medical device makers, health data aggregators, health information technology systems managers, health information infrastructure providers, mobile health app developers, biomedical researchers, clinicians, data scientists, government.

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Important note (December 2020): the draft standard document and open source site produced by the IEEE P1752™ Working Group has been approved by the ballot group. The WG is evaluating and responding to the comments received during the ballot period and updating the proposed standard  document and schemas for re-circulation in early 2021.

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