IEEE P1752 Working Group

Physical Activity & Mobility Subgroup

The Subgroup completed the work within its scope and the resulting physical activity schema and sample data are published in the relevant sections of the 1752 OpenSource site

Scope: The P1752 Physical Activity & Mobility Schema Subgroup will review and propose Open mHealth schemas related to physical activity and mobility functions. The scope includes but is not restricted to the following: step count, physical activity type and duration, energy expenditure, geotrace, geomobility. The focus of this Subgroup’s work is on modeling data pertaining to physical activity and mobility measures, and not on current or future individual devices or apps that measure them.

Duties: By reviewing the clinical aspects of physical activity and mobility health and existing relevant devices and apps, the Subgroup shall deliver a list of clinically important measures in the physical activity and mobility domain, as scoped above. The Subgroup shall propose modified and new schemas relating to such measures, including examples as informed by use cases and the list of common and clinically important attributes. Finally, the Subgroup shall deliver a review of mappings and/or relationships to non-Open mHealth schemas.

Chair: Shiv Hiremath, Temple University