IEEE 1901 Working Group

Standards Committee: IEEE Communications Society/Power Line Communications (COM/PLC)

P1901c project: Amendment to IEEE Standard 1901-2020: Enhanced Flexible Channel Wavelet (FCW) physical and media access control layers for use on any media

Latest news:

15 February 2024: IEEE Std 1901c-2024 was approved by the IEEE SA Standards Board.

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Scope of the project: This amendment improves the PHY and MAC layers of FCW to be usable for communications on any media. It defines new communication channels in low-frequency bands to extend the communication range and to increase the robustness of communications. This amendment specifies how the FCW PHY/MAC is used for transmission over various media, including underwater communication and near field communication using loop antennas. FCW PHY/MAC coexists with IEEE 1901.1 using existing IEEE 1901-2020 Inter-System Protocol (ISP) and coexists with IEEE 1901.2.

Project Authorisation Request (PAR): the PAR is available here.