IEEE 1901 Working Group

Standards Committee: IEEE Communications Society/Power Line Communications (COM/PLC)


P1901b project: Amendment to IEEE Standard 1901-2010: Enhancements for Authentication and Authorization

Latest news:
8 December 2021: IEEE Std 1901b-2021 was approved by the IEEE SA Standards Board.

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Scope of the project: This amendment integrates state-of the art authentication and authorization mechanisms for networks, especially for IoT and Access Devices. It specifies how IEEE 802.1X may be utilized for authentication and authorization by IEEE 1901 networks.

Project Authorisation Request (PAR): the PAR is available here.

WG Officers

Jean Philippe Faure,

Vice Chair
Markus Rindchen,

Mitch Aramaki,

Staff Liason
Jennifer Santulli,