P1936.1 Standard for Drone Applications Framework

Meeting Agenda & Minutes

IEEE P1936.1 Working Group

Standard for Drone Applications Framework 2019

Kick-Off Meeting 11-12 March 2019

Kick-Off Meeting Agenda(approved)

Kick-Off Meeting Minutes(approved)
P1936.1 SDAF WG March-11-2019-FM Minutes_0530_approvedLU

1st Telephone Meeting 30 May 2019

1st Telephone Meeting Agenda (approved)

1st Telephone Meeting Minutes (approved)
P1936-1 SDAF WG May-30-2019-1st Telecon Minutes_unapproved_20190605-V1

2nd Face-to-Face Meeting July 2019

2nd Face-to-Face Meeting Agenda (approved)
IEEE P679 WG July-31-2019-Suzhou-2nd Face to Face Meeting-Plenary Schedule-unapproved-0713(1)

2nd Face-to-Face Meeting Minutes (approved)
P1936-1 SDAF WG July-31-2019-2nd f2f Meeting Minutes_unapproved_20190805-V1

3rd Face-to-Face Meeting Nov. 2019
3rd Face-to-Face Meeting Agenda (approved)
IEEE P1936.1 WG Nov-2019-3rd Face to Face Meeting-Agenda-unapproved-1104

3rd Face-to-Face Meeting Minutes (approved)
P1936.1 SDAF WG Nov-26-2019-3rd f2f Meeting Minutes_unapproved_20191209
2nd Telephone Meeting Agenda (approved)
1.IEEE P1936.1 SDAF WG March-2020-2nd teleconference- Meeting Agenda-approved-0326
2nd Telephone Meeting Minutes (unapproved)
P1936.1 SDAF WG Mar-20-2020-2nd teleconference _meeting minutes_unapproved_20200326

3rd Telephone Meeting. 7 May, 2021

P1936.1 WG May-7th-2021-3rd TeleConference Agenda-Approved

P1936.1 WG SDAF 7th May 2021-3rd telecom-meeting minutes-unapproved