28 August 2020 WG meeting Minutes

IEEE P2066 WG Safety Specification of laser transmission in highpower laser system (PHO/SC/P2066)
28 August 2020, 3PM-5PM
Webmeeting, China
WG meeting minutes
Chair: Jiaming Gao (HBSQI);
Vice Chair: Xiao Zhu (Huazhong University of Science and Technology) ; Secretary: Qiong Chen (HBSQI)
Xianze Xu (Wuhan University)
Libo Li (Raycus Laser)
Zheng Li (Pentachutian Laser)
Ting Li (HG Laser)
Chao Chen (COS)
Aixin Feng (WZU)
Feixing Lu (HG Laser)
Zhongming Yang (Pentachutian Laser)
Changjun Chen (SCU)
Wei Liang (HBSQI)
Zhengyan Li (Huazhong University of Science and Technology)
Xiaoxu Liu (Raycus Laser)
Dun Liu (Hubei University of Technology)
Yingxiong Qin (Huazhong University of Science and Technology)
Shanshi Huang ( Zhejiang Lazer Quality Inspection Center)
Chao Zhu (Raycus Laser)
Qiaoying Huo (CRRC Nanjing Puzhen Co., Ltd)
Xiaozhuang Zhou (HG Laser)
Staff:Meng Zhao (IEEE Beijing Office)

1.Call to Order
Chair Jiaming Gao called the meeting to order at 3 p.m Beijing Time.
Chair has done the roll call, an online sign sheet can also capture the attendance.

2.Approval of Agenda
Chair Jiaming Gao announce the WG meeting agenda.

l Motion #1
Approve the agenda.
Moved:Feixing Lu,HG Laser
Seconded: Qiong Chen, HBSQI
(Procedural, required ≥ 50%)
Motion passed by voice vote without opposition.

3. Approval of Last meeting minutes
Qiong Chen introduced the minutes of last meeting, and explained why the scheduled meeting has been postponed.
l Motion #2
Approve the last meeting minutes.
Moved: Xiaozhuang Zhou, HG Laser
Seconded: Zheng Li ,Pentachutian Laser
(Procedural, required ≥ 50%)
Motion passed by voice vote without opposition.

4. IEEE Patent Policy and Copyright Policy
Meng Zhao explained the focus of IEEE Patent and copyright policy.
The call for patents was raised; no one raised any concerns for consideration.
The copyright policy was presented. There were no questions or concerns.

5. Technical presentations
5.1 Chair Jiaming Gao introduced the full standard draft and clafify the minor changes made to the framework.
5.2 The draft has been deeply discussed. Focus of opinions includes unifying the use of terminologies, revise the definition for “safety operator of laser system”, and to provide testing method etc.

7. Wrap up and Plan for next meeting
The group decided to hold next meeting during October, when the revision to the draft is completed.
l Motion #3
Approve this draft and date for next meeting
Moved: Qiong Chen, HBSQI
Seconded: Changjun Chen, (SCU)
(Procedural, required ≥ 75%)
Motion passed by voice vote without opposition.

There was no other unfinished topics. The meeting adjouned at 5pm.