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Title: IEEE P2846:2022 Assumptions for Models in Safety-Related Automated Vehicle Behavior

Status: Published, available for purchase at: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/9761121

Scope:  This standard applies to road vehicles. For a set of scenarios, the Normative portion defines a minimum set of assumptions regarding reasonably foreseeable behaviors of other road users that shall be considered in the development of safety-related models for automated driving systems (ADS).

The Informative portion of the standard further defines a list of attributes common to contributed safety-related models and methods to help verify whether a safety-related model considers the Normative minimum set of assumptions. Informative annexes instantiate several examples of how the proposed minimum set of assumptions could be employed in ADS development.

Sources of uncertainty, such as prediction or perception errors are out of scope to this standard.

This standard does not guarantee the safety of the overall system in all scenarios.

Need: Government and Industry alike are in need of an open, transparent and technology neutral standard that provides industry consensus guidance on identifying reasonable and foreseeable assumptions used by models, in specific scenarios useful for evaluating the performance of an Automated Driving System.

Related Product: Literature Review on Kinematic Properties of Road Users for Use on Safety-Related Models for Automated Driving Systems

This document presents a review of relevant literature (e.g., standards, regulations, and scientific publications) that investigated kinematic behavior of road users. This review is intended to serve as a key contribution to the Automated Driving Systems (ADS) research and industry communities, as well as to current standardization efforts, such as IEEE Std 2846, IEEE Standard for Assumptions in Safety-Related Models for Automated Driving Systems.

Literature Review on Kinematic Properties of Road Users for Use on Safety-Related Models for Automated Driving Systems (PDF)

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