IEEE C/DC 3366 Working Group
IEEE Volumetric Data Compression Working Group (3366 WG)

Overview of IEEE 3366 WG

IEEE 3366 working group was established in 2023. It is sponsored by IEEE Data Compression Standards Committee (C/DCSC) under IEEE Computer Society. The Working Group is charted to define a set of tools for efficient compression of polygonal meshes, geometry point clouds, and the corresponding definitions of syntax, semantics, parsing and decoding processes, such as prediction, transform, quantization, and entropy coding.

Currently, the working group has two ongoing standard projects, namely Standard for Geometry Point Cloud Compression (P3366.1) and Standard for Polygonal Mesh Compression (P3366.2). Both projects are in the development phase, and we welcome global experts to join us in contributing to the standardization of volumetric data. Your expertise and collaboration will be invaluable in shaping the future of these standards.