Quantum Benchmarking Working Group P7131


The P7131 employs a LISTSERV for email among working group members. The LISTSERV functions at a reliability level typical for installations of this type, which is around 98% of, say, messages received. Support for the remaining 2% is somewhere between a half-time job and impossible.

List servers function similarly to spam-generating software, so the community as a whole has developed extremely advanced technology for sending P7131 group messages to spam folders, quarantines, and black holes. Depending on circumstances, the true solution may require changes to users (non-IEEE) email systems or changes to IEEE’s LISTSERV program configuration that require administrative privileges from IEEE (which are not easily available).

This page offer some alternative usage scenarios intended to allow working group member to be productive anyway.

P7131 currently offers two alternative usage scenarios:

  • A user may ask for LISTSERV messages to be delivered multiple email addresses. One address could be “official” (like the user’s day job email address) while the other is “safe” against certain list server complexities (like gmail). If you need an alternative email address, contact the P7131 chair (or whoever is managing the LISTSERV when the time comes).
  • Instructions below explain how to access LISTSERV’s message archive. If you think you missed some messages, you may view the message archive to check and recover.

The mailing lists

P7131 has two LISTSERV groups. Click on the link for access (see next section for information on passwords):

[email protected] https://listserv.ieee.org/cgi-bin/wa?A0=QCB-WG for all participants.

[email protected] https://listserv.ieee.org/cgi-bin/wa?A0=QCB-WG-MBRS for participants that can vote, also called voting members. This list is for managing votes. One of the criteria for voting is that a participant has attended two of the last four meetings, so participants may be added or deleted from this list without notice.


LISTSERV bases passwords on your email address. If you in a LISTSERV group, LISTSERV will have your email address. If you never registered or forgot your password, you can click a link in the login dialog that will cause LISTSERV to send an email with a password reset link. Once you have reset your password, you can use the links above to access the message archive.