2021 Roster

Jifeng He
Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science
School of Software Engineering, East China Normal University

Position                                 Name                               Affiliation

Chair                                              Ming Li                                  China Electronics Standardization Institute
Vice Chair                                      Yu Du                                    Wanxiang Blockchain
Cheif Secretary/Treasurer          Yukun Hao                            Wanxiang Blockchain
Executive Secretary                      Lyn Sun                                China Electronics Standardization Institute
Propaganda Secretary                 Nuqie Li                                Easy-Visible Sky Tree Technology (Beijing) Co.,Ltd.
Communications Secretary         Dejun Huang                       Sichuan Changhong Electric Co.,Ltd.
Standard Secretary                      Chao Li                                  Shanghai Development Center of Computer Software Technology

Advisory Board

Advisory Board is responsible for strategic development planning and consulting. The members of advisory board are normally from head of the global relevant standards or technology organization, national blockchain and information technology related experts or scholars, domestic large enterprise executives.

Name                              Affiliation

Susan Corbisiero          Australian Trade and Investment Commission
Chia Hock Lai                Singapore FinTech Association/Singapore Blockchain Association

Executive Board

Executive Board is responsible for decision-making on major issues and serves as voting members.

Name                              Affiliation

Bin Li                               Webank co., ltd.
Fangwei He                    Zhongke Fuyun (Hangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd.
Fred Du                          Bytom Foundation
Han Hao                         Xiamen Annie Co., Ltd.
Haobo Ma                      Beijing Hoopox Information Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.
Jose Antonio Costa       Independent Consultant
Tiancheng Liu                Easy-Visible Sky Tree Technology (Beijing) Co.,Ltd.
Wei Xiao                         Baidu
Wenpeng Song             Zhongan Information Technology Services Co., Ltd
Xiaojun Zhang               Huawei technologies Co. ,LTDi
Xinlei Zhai                      JD Digits
Ying Yan                         Ant Financial
Yuming Yuan                 Hainan Huochain Technology Co., Ltd
Zhoudong Ji                  Goldfield capital Ltd
Yukun Hao                     Wanxiang Blockchain

Technical Board

Technical Board is responsible for guiding the direction of technology development and focusing on standard content to make recommendations. The technical board examines Project Authorization Requests, draft standards, etc. and makes recommendations to executive board.

Name                              Affiliation

Haibin Kan                    School of Computer Science, Fudan University
Jianming Zhu                Central University of Finance and Economics
Liang Cai                      Software College, Zhejiang University
Qiang Tang                   The University of Sydney
Ruiyun Yu                     Software College, Northeastern University
Yi Sun                           Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences(ICT/CAS)
Phil Lau                        Map Protocol
Alison Holt                    FIITP, FBCS
Ismael Arribas              Kunfud
Kyeong Hee OH          TCA Services

Member Emeritus

Former Secretary

  • Dingfeng Jiang, Shanghai Information Security and social management innovation laboratory
  • Dapeng Zhang, Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd.


Former Members of Executive Board

  • Yaling Liao, ZhangXingBao (Shanghai) Network & Technology Co., Ltd


Former Members of Technical Board

  • Yan Zhu, Tsinghua University
  • Yifeng Zhang, Zhongchao Blockchain