IEEE Mobile Communication Networks Standards Committee (MobiNet-SC)


IEEE MobiNet-SC is a Standards Committee instantiated within the IEEE Communications Society. Such a Standards Committee sponsors the creation of, and oversees the operation of, standards development Working Groups. It therefore also sponsors and monitors the work on standard topics and the actual standards themselves, within the Working Groups.


The scope of IEEE MobiNet-SC is to develop and maintain standards on the topics of:

  • Protocols, characteristics, and capabilities for Mobile Communication Networks.
  • Architectures, functions, and interfaces for Mobile Communication Networks.
  • Applications and services for use over Mobile Communication Networks, particularly addressing the necessary enhancements to Mobile Communication Networks to support those applications and services.

It is intended that Mobile Communication Networks is always the area of greatest relevance to the standards that MobiNet-SC develops and maintains, however, some MobiNet-SC standards may also be jointly relevant in other areas.

IEEE Standards Working Groups under MobiNet-SC

There are currently the following Working Groups operating under MobiNet-SC:

Working Group Website Chair
Aerial Network Communications AerialNetworks Kameswara Rao Namuduri
Frugal 5G FRUGAL-5G Pranav Jha
Licensed/Unlicensed Spectrum Interoperability in Wireless Mobile Networks LUI Anwer Al-Dulaimi
Next Generation Fronthaul Interface NGFI Jinri Huang
Roof Computing ROOF Syam Madanapalli
Tactile Internet TI Oliver Holland
Interoperable & Secure Public Wi-Fi ISAWANI Sandeep Agrawal
IoT   Syam Madanapalli
Self-organizing UAV communications SUAV Fabrizio Granelli
Channel Models of Wireless Systems CMWG Andreas Molisch



How to Participate?

Please follow these steps:

  1. Go to:,
  2. Log in with your usual IEEE user name and password, making sure “myProject” is selected in the drop-down box,
  3. Click “Manage Activity Profile”,
  4. Click the “+” next to “IEEE Communications Society”,
  5. Click the check box next to “Mobile Communication Networks Standards Committee”,
  6. Click “CONTINUE”,
  7. Enter your affiliation,
  8. Confirm the prompt on the next page.

Please also email Oliver Holland to inform that you have done this. The “Subject” field of your email should be “Joined MobiNet-SC”.