Planet Positive 2030 is an
initiative supported by the
IEEE Standards Association
(IEEE SA) that brings together
a global diverse, open community of experts to chart a path for all people to achieve a flourishing future for
2030 and beyond.

The name of our initiative
tells the story of how we’re doing our work:


Our focus. The earth we must heal, protect, and sustain for humans and nature to flourish for seven generations and beyond.


Our purpose. To give back more to the planet with technology than is removed and not to harm the biosphere/planet.


Our urgency. The timeframe guiding our work inspiring responsible, bold, systems thinking to inspire accountable contextualized solutions, standards, policy, and pragmatic change.

Our Team


Dr. Maike Luiken

Chief Weaver:

Mila Aliana

Staff Lead:

John C. Havens

If you have any questions, you can reach us at [email protected]