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To join a committee, please review the committees below and then get in contact at: [email protected] and we’ll introduce you to the Chairs of the Committee. You can read our blog to learn about our Chairs to get a sense of who you’ll be working with on your committee.

Committees are free to join (meaning there’s no cost and anyone can join) and meet from once to twice a month virtually. Contributions can be made by providing insights during calls, and/or by helping to edit chapters for Strong Sustainability by Design, the first major deliverable from the Planet Positive 2030 community.

Committee Chairs & Members

Check in on our growing committee / community members.


  • Guiding Principles
  • Metrics / Indicators
  • Economics / Regulation
  • Global Methodologies
  • Forests and Trees
  • Rivers and Lakes
  • Towns and Cities
  • Ocean and Coasts
  • Farmlands and Grasslands, Mountains and Peatlands
  • Human Wisdom and Culture
  • Sustainability Commons
  • The Arts
  • And Growing!

Summaries of Committee Chapters from our Chairs

Marisa Zalabak, Co-Chair of Global Methodologies Committee

Cyndi Coon, Co-Chair of Human Wisdom and Culture Committee

Deborah Hager

Jozef Veress