Power Line Communications Standards Committee



The scope of the Power Line Communications Standards Committee (PLCSC) is to develop and maintain:

  • Standards in Communications and Networking over Power Lines including in access, in-home and enterprise, in-vehicle and vehicle-to-grid
  • Standards related to Heterogeneous Networking involving Power Line Communication in various networking scenarios
  • Standards relevant to PLC or other modes of communication that are designed for Power Grid, Smart Cities, IoT applications, and for embodiment in devices designed to be deployed in Power Utility Grid and Microgrid environments
  • Standards related to applications for SmartGrid DER management, AMI, and management of HAN devices

Voting members:

    • Chair: Jean-Philippe Faure, Progilon, affiliated with Panasonic
    • Vice chair: Markus Rindchen, Power Plus Communications
    • Secretary: Scott Willy, Avisto Telecom, affiliated with Power Plus Communications
    • Joe Chen, Huawei
    • Stephan Horvath, Advanced Communications Networks
    • Paul HouzĂ©, Microsoft
    • Oleg Logvinov, IoTecha
    • Peter Jeong Sangkwon, JoyFun Inc
    • Robby Simpson, Enetrics

Policies and procedures:

Approved P&Ps

Public documents:

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