Society for Social Implications of Technology Standards Committee
Expert committee developing ethical and sustainable global technical standards to ensure ethical and responsible use of emerging technologies and data

Working Groups

SSIT SC sponsors the following working groups:

PAR Number Title Working Group Chair
P2890 Recommended Practice for Provenance of Indigenous Peoples’ Data Stephanie Carroll
P2895 Standard Taxonomy for Responsible Trading of Human-Generated Data Angelo Ferraro
P2987 Recommended Practice for Principles for Design and Operation Addressing Technology-Facilitated Inter-personal Control Henry Nash
P3119 Standard for the Procurement of Artificial Intelligence and Automated Decision Systems Gisele Waters
P3469 Recommended Practice for an Environmental Liability Process Model for Accounting in Systems Engineering Mike Mahoney
P7010.1 Recommended Practice for Environmental Social Governance (ESG) and Social Development Goal (SDG) Action Implementation and Advancing Corporate Social Responsibility Deborah Hagar
P7011 Standard for the Process of Identifying and Rating the Trustworthiness of News Sources Peter Reid
P7012 Standard for Machine Readable Personal Privacy Terms Doc Searls
P7014 Standard for Ethical considerations in Emulated Empathy in Autonomous and Intelligent Systems Ben Bland
P7014.1 Recommended Practice for Ethical Considerations of Emulated Empathy in Partner-based General-Purpose Artificial Intelligence Systems Andy McStay
P7016 Standard for Ethically Aligned Design and Operation of Metaverse Systems Monique Morrow
P7016.1 Standard for Ethically Aligned Educational Metadata in Extended Reality (XR) & Metaverse Eleni Mangina
P7017 Recommended Practice for Design-Centered Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) and Governance Yueh-Hsuan Weng
P7030 Recommended Practice for Ethical Assessment of Extended Reality (XR) Technologies Monique Morrow
P7700 Recommended Practice for the Responsible Design and Development of Neurotechnologies Laura Cabrera
P7800 Recommended Practice for Addressing Sustainability, Environmental Stewardship and Climate Change Challenges in Professional Practice Maike Luiken
P7801 Recommended Practice for Technical Knowledge Commons Initiatives and Platforms Sigmund Kluckner
P7802 Standard for Measurement and Verification of Reduction of Greenhouse Gases for Climate Action Projects and Solutions Kartik Kulkarni
P7803 Standard for Inclusive Sustainable Smart Cities Framework Arsalan Abtahi

SSIT SC is co-sponsor of the following groups:

PAR Number Title Working Group Chair
P2048 IEEE Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Working Group (CTS/VRARSC/VRARWG) Yu Yuan