IEEE C/DC 2941 Working Group
IEEE C/DC AI Model Representation, Compression, Distribution and Management Working Group

The 12th IEEE C/DC 2941 Working Group Plenary Meeting Agenda

Date: March 16, 2023, from 15:30 Beijing Time Zone ,GMT+08:00
Venue: Qiandaohu 4 Hall, Yangguang Haosheng Hotel, Ningbo, China (Tencent Meeting ID: 782-1626-0853, PW: 3579)
1Agenda ApprovalYonghong Tian
2IEEE Patent & Copyright & Individual Participant Behavior Policy StatementXiaoxu Luan
32941.2: Report on the progressXiaolin Jiang
4Approval of the draft standard of P2941.2Xiaolin Jiang
5Discussion of New PAR for P2941.3Guangyao Chen
6Approval of Meeting MinutesYonghong Tian
7Next MeetingYonghong Tian