IEEE C/DC 2941 Working Group
IEEE C/DC AI Model Representation, Compression, Distribution and Management Working Group

Call For Proposals

With the development of large-scale model industry, the need for standardization is increasingly prominent. Considering this need, the 2941 Working Group is now call for proposals to the public that meet the following points:

  1. Standard architecture recommendations for large-scale models
  2. Scope of large-scale model standards

The 13th IEEE C/DC AIM WG & AITISA Neural Network WG Joint Meeting is scheduled at 13:30-15:15 on June 02, 2023. We welcome all researchers, experts and academics to join us.

All the proposals shall be sent to [email protected] by 18:00 on June 01, 2023 with microsoft office format (word, pdf, ppt, excel, etc.).