IEEE C/DC 2941 Working Group
IEEE C/DC AI Model Representation, Compression, Distribution and Management Working Group


1 Tian Yonghong Peking University´╝î Peng Cheng Laboratory Chair
2 Yang Chao Peking University Vice Chair
3 Luan xiaoxu Peng Cheng Laboratory Secretary
4 Chen Guangyao Peking University Voting Member
5 Fan Ruibo Peking University Voting Member
6 Gong Yue HUAWEI Voting Member
7 Hu Haoji Zhejiang University Voting Member
8 Jiang Xiaolin baidu, Inc. Non-Voting Member
9 Jiang Fan Xilinx Voting Member
10 Li Xiaoru Baidu Voting Member
11 Li Yurui Peking University Voting Member
12 LI Zheyang HIKVISION Voting Member
13 Li Kesen University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Voting Member
14 Li Ziyi Peking University Voting Member
15 Liu haitao Tencent Non-Voting Member
16 Liu Wei Peng Cheng Laboratory Voting Member
17 Mou Luntian Beijing University of Technology Non-Voting Member
18 Wang Yu Peng Cheng Laboratory Voting Member
19 Wang Yaowei Peng Cheng Laboratory Voting Member
20 Wang Wei Tencent America Voting Member
21 Wang Peisong CASIA Voting Member
22 Wang Huairui Wuhan University Voting Member
23 Wu Feng USTC Voting Member
24 Yan Chunwei Baidu Non-Voting Member
25 Yang Fan Huawei Voting Member
26 Zhan Ke Huawei Voting Member
27 Zhang Chong Peking University Non-Voting Member
28 Zhang Tong Peng Cheng Laboratory Non-Voting Member
29 Zhang Yifan CASIA Voting Member
30 Zhao Meng IEEE Observer
31 Zhao Hengrui UT Southwestern Medical Center Voting Member
32 Zheng Jianhua AVSA Voting Member
33 Wang Nannan Xidian University Voting member

P2941 project member list: check

P2941.1 project member list: check

P 2941.2 project member list: TBD