Artificial Intelligence Standards Committee

Active PARs

Project Number Committee Project Title Project Status
P2863 C/AISC/AI Governance Recommended Practice for Organizational Governance of Artificial Intelligence Draft Development
P2874 C/AISC/SpatialWebWG Standard for Spatial Web Protocol, Architecture and Governance SA Ballot: Invitation
P2961 C/AISC/CEC Guide for an Architectural Framework and Application for Collaborative Edge Computing Draft Development
P3123 C/AISC/AIML-TDF Standard for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) Terminology and Data Formats Draft Development
P7015 C/AISC/DAIL Standard for Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Literacy, Skills, and Readiness Draft Development
P3127 C/AISC/BFML Guide for an Architectural Framework for Blockchain-based Federated Machine Learning Draft Development
P3128 C/AISC/AI-DSC Recommended Practice for The Evaluation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Dialogue System Capabilities Draft Development
P3157 C/AISC/VTCV Recommended Practice for Vulnerability Test for Machine Learning Models for Computer Vision Applications Draft Development
P3142 C/AISC/LSDLM Recommended Practice on Distributed Training and Inference for Large-scale Deep Learning Models Draft Development
P3181 C/AISC/TEBCC Standard for Trusted Environment Based Cryptographic Computing Draft Development
P3187 C/AISC/FT-FML Guide for Framework for Trustworthy Federated Machine Learning SA Ballot: Comment Resolution
P3193 C/AISC/LS-DLM-AF Recommended Practice on Large-scale Pre-trained Deep Learning Model Application Framework Draft Development
P3198 C/AISC/AIFE-WG Standard for Evaluation Method of Machine Learning Fairness Draft Development
P3342 C/AISC/EDGE Standard for Functional Requirements of Toolchain for Artificial Intelligence Model Deployment on Edge Devices Draft Development
P7017 SSIT/SC/HRIWG Recommended Practice for Design-Centered Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) and Governance Draft Development
P3338 C/AISC/DCE-FML Guide for Framework for Data Contribution Evaluation in Federated Machine Learning Draft Development
P3347 C/AISC/NNAS Standard for Description Schemas for Neural Network Architectures Draft Development
P3348 C/AISC/DMAI Recommended Practice for the Framework and Evaluation Methods of Two-Dimensional (2D) Real-Person Digital Clothes Model Generation System Based on Artificial Intelligence Draft Development
P3350 C/AISC/AI-MI Recommended Practice for Improving Generalizability of Artificial Intelligence for Medical Imaging Draft Development
P3354 C/AISC/3DR-WG Trial-Use Recommended Practice for 3D Object Reconstruction from Multi-view Images Based on Deep Learning Draft Development
P3395 C/AISC/SGAIM Standard for the Implementation of Safeguards, Controls, and Preventive Techniques for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Models Draft Development
P3110 C/AISC/Computer Vision Standard for Computer Vision (CV) – Technical Requirements for Algorithms Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) of Deep Learning Framework SA Ballot: Invitation
P3394 C/AISC/LLM-AAI Standard for Large Language Model Agent Interface Draft Development
P3396 C/AISC/AI-RSTR Recommended Practice for Defining and Evaluating Artificial Intelligence (AI) Risk, Safety, Trustworthiness, and Responsibility Draft Development
P3398 C/AISC/GSELC Recommended Practice for Generative Pre-trained Transformer Empowered Software Engineering Life Cycle Draft Development
P3403 C/AISC/DTLLM Recommended Practice on Data Processing for Training Large Language Models Draft Development
P3410 C/AISC/LSAIM-FRM Guide for Large Scale Financial Risk Models Draft Development
P3423 C/AISC/LMRT Standard for End-to-end Framework Design for Autonomous Driving Draft Development
P3417 C/AISC/PETS Standard for Requirements of Differential Privacy-based Personal Information Protection Draft Development
P3419 C/AISC/AI-LME Standard for Large Language Model Evaluation Draft Development
P3429 C/AISC/AIGC Technologies Recommended Practices for Levels of Artificial Intelligence Generated Content Technologies Draft Development
P3426 C/AISC/AI Foundation Models Standard for Defining and Measuring the Capabilities of AI Foundation Models Draft Development
P3430 C/AISC/HFFM Recommended Practice for A Holistic Framework for AI Foundation Models Draft Development
P3427 C/AISC/FML-SIA Standard for Federated Machine Learning of Semantic Information Agents Draft Development
P3428 C/AISC/LLM-4EDU Standard for Large Language Model Agents for AI-powered Education Draft Development
P3445 C/AISC/PEWG Standard for Privacy Engineering Maturity Model Draft Development
P3447 C/AISC/SAGR-LS-LMA System Architecture and General Requirements for Pre-trained Large Language Models (LLM) Applications in the Smart Home Industry Draft Development
P3462 C/AISC/SBD-WG Recommended Practice for Using Safety by Design in Generative Models to Prioritize Child Safety Draft Development
P3458 C/AISC/LLMV-WG Standard for Domain-Specific Large Language Model Management Platforms Draft Development
P2840 C/AISC/AI Licensing Standard for Responsible AI Licensing SA Ballot: Comment Resolution
P3152 C/AISC/HAIIT Standard for Transparent Agency Identification of Humans and Machines SA Ballot: Comment Resolution
P3376 C/AISC/AI-GC Recommended Practice for Evaluating Artificial Intelligence Generated Content Draft Development
P3374 C/AISC/ADP-WG Recommended Practice for the Framework and Evaluation Methods of Audio-Driven Portraits Based on Artificial Intelligence Draft Development
P3375 C/AISC/AI Chips Standard for Specification of Cloud-Side Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence Chips for Computer Vision Draft Development
P3378 C/AISC/LS-DLM Standard for Framework and Process for Large-Scale Deep Learning Model Evaluation Draft Development
P3379 C/AISC/HHSA-AI Standard for Compiler Interfaces of Artificial Intelligence Draft Development
P7018 C/AISC/GP-AIM Standard for Security and Trustworthiness Requirements in Generative Pretrained Artificial Intelligence (AI) Models Draft Development