Artificial Intelligence Standards Committee

Active PARs

PAR Number Title Draft Development Status
P2840 Standard for Responsible AI Licensing Draft Development
P2841 Framework and Process for Deep Learning Evaluation Recirculation #2
P2863 Recommended Practice for Organizational Governance of Artificial Intelligence Draft Development
P2874 Standard for Spatial Web Protocol, Architecture and Governance Draft Development
P2894 Guide for an Architectural Framework for Explainable Artificial Intelligence Draft Development
P2945 Standard for Technical Requirements for Face Recognition Systems Draft Development
P2961 Guide for an Architectural Framework and Application for Collaborative Edge Computing Draft Development
P2986 Recommended Practice for Privacy and Security for Federated Machine Learning Draft Development
P3110 Standard for Computer Vision (CV) – Algorithms Application Programming Interfaces (API) Technical Requirements for Deep Learning Framework Draft Development
P3123 Standard for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) Terminology and Data Formats Draft Development
P3127 Guide for an Architectural Framework for Blockchain-based Federated Machine Learning Draft Development
P3128 Recommended Practice for The Evaluation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Dialogue System Capabilities Draft Development
P3129 Standard for of Artificial Intelligence Robustness Testing and Evaluation – Visual Service Draft Development
P3142 Standard on Distributed Training and Inference for Large-scale Deep Learning Models Draft Development
P3152 Standard for Description of the Natural or Artificial Character of Intelligent Communicators Draft Development
P3156 Standard for Requirements of Privacy-preserving Computation Integrated Platform Draft Development
P3157 Recommended Practice for Vulnerability Test for Machine Learning Models for Computer Vision Applications Draft Development
P3168 Standard for Robustness Evaluation and Enhancement for Natural Language Processing Service Using Machine Learning Draft Development
P7015 Standard for Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Literacy, Skills, and Readiness Draft Development
P3181 Standard for Trusted Environment Based Cryptographic Computing Draft Development
P3187 Guide for Framework for Trustworthy Federated Machine Learning Draft Development