Artificial Intelligence Standards Committee


Standard Number Year Committee Project Title
2830 2021 C/AISC/SML IEEE Standard for Technical Framework and Requirements of Trusted Execution Environment based Shared Machine Learning
2937 2022 C/AISC/AI-SAT IEEE Standard for Performance Benchmarking for Artificial Intelligence Server Systems
2945 2023 C/AISC/FR IEEE Standard for Technical Requirements for Face Recognition
2986 2023 C/AISC/SPFML IEEE Recommended Practice for Privacy and Security for Federated Machine Learning
3129 2023 C/AISC/RAIBS IEEE Standard for Robustness Testing and Evaluation of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based Image Recognition Service
3156 2023 C/AISC/PPCIP IEEE Standard for Requirements of Privacy-Preserving Computation Integrated Platforms
3168 2024 C/AISC/RAIBS IEEE Approved Draft Standard for Robustness Evaluation Test Methods for a Natural Language Processing Service that uses Machine Learning
3652.1 2020 C/AISC/FML IEEE Guide for Architectural Framework and Application of Federated Machine Learning
2841 2022 C/AISC/Deep Learning IEEE Recommended Practice for Framework and Process for Deep Learning Evaluation
2894 2024 C/AISC/XAI IEEE Approved Draft Guide for an Architectural Framework for Explainable Artificial Intelligence