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Ethical Considerations of Cognitive Robots for Enhancing Human Efficacy This study group is focused on the development of social robots who can read and estimate humans’ psychological states via a machine learning algorithm, then give them proper physical support. The goal is to produce a standard as a guideline to reduce ethical hazards from such cognitive computing robots in daily human-robot interactions. Yueh-Hsuan Weng, Ph.D.
Evaluation of Metrics and Other Characteristics of AI & ML Systems If you’re interested in how AI/ML test laboratories, AI/ML product producers, or AI/ML related service providers for government, financial industry, health industry, public services, or others can make claims that are reproducible, reliable, and generally worthy of trust regarding their products, this study group may be of interest to you! The goal would be to produce a standard in a modern (open-source), innovative (reproducible, reliable, and automated), and user-focused (both producer and consumer of products/services in quantifiable metrics) for claims such as performance, feature reliability, etc. to evaluate on unbiased community-based metrics for “apples to apples” comparisons in an unimpeachably unbiased fashion. Join us as we endeavor to be able to make trust claims in a 21st-century manner. Howard Deiner
Randy Rannow