Smart Home Devices Working Group (SHDWG):

focuses on the establishment, formulation, review, release and maintenance of standards for smart home devices;embark on the technology development of domestic and international smart home devices. plans to study and formulate a general evaluation method for smart home devices intelligence.

Chair: Xiaofei Dong
Email Address:

P2951-Technical Requirements and Evaluation Methods for Intelligent Levels of Smart Home Devices

This standard provides a general intelligence level architecture for smart home devices, in order to stipulate their capabilities equipped by various sensors, hardware and software. The standard specifies home device intelligence capabilities mainly from seven aspects, including computation, perception, cognition, motion, coordination, skills, and security.


Industrial Smart Terminal Device Working Group(ISTDWG):

Chair:Jiangning Chen
Email Address:

P2953-Standard for Technical Requirements for Industrial Smart Terminal Devices


Smart Transportation enablingTerminal Working Group (STTWG):

        Chair: Ling Wang
        Email Address:

        P2979-Standard for Edge Intelligent Terminal for Expressway Cooperative                Transportation