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Resolution of the 2nd Meeting of the IEEE CS DCSC

Resolution of the 2nd Meeting of the IEEE CS Data Compression Standard Committee

The 2nd meeting of IEEE CS Data Compression Standard Committee was held via conference call. The agenda as annex.1 was approved by all attendees.

Dr. Feng WU presented patent slides at the meeting. A call for potentially essential patents was made, and no potentially essential patent claims were declared, and no holders of potentially essential patents were identified. All IEEE CS DCSC members could ask for the IEEE official patent document from the secretariat.

IEEE Computer Society Data Compression Standard Committee:

The Standard Committee was established completely with the movement of 1857 working group finishing recently. Before the next meeting, an official website and FTP of DCSC will be created containing the link of 1857 website. The website is open and the FTP site with the documents of DCSC will be protected only for members.

P1857-Audio Video Coding Working Group:

The 3 active subgroups’ progress are listed below:

1857.8: Sponsor ballot has been launched already. According to vote members’ comments, the recirculation is undertaking and expected to be finished on April 4th, 2020. The project shall be submitted to RevCom before April 23th, 2020.

1857.9: 8 input documents from Tencent, PKUSZ, Ali, and TJU d were reviewed. 2 proposals were adopted. Depth maps were down sampled to 1/4 without view synthesis loss. 6DoF Video WD5.0 will be outputted. Call for new test sequences a depth coding model. The compression of depth data will be standardized.

1857.10: 1857.10 is under development as the planned schedule. A draft standard will be released for the SC members in the next meeting.

FVC-Future Video Coding:

Dr. Dong Liu reported the working progress of the study group. The group receives 3 technical proposals and discusses them. The group plans to initiate a Call for Evidences on deep learning-based image compression. CfE document is planned to publish on Apr 6, and submission due is May 17. The group will continue its effort on learning-based coding.

Standard Proposal for AI Model Representation, Compression and Management:

Dr. Yonghong Tian presented the standard proposal for AI Model Representation, Compression and Management. After fully discussion at the meeting, all delegates agreed to create a new working group under Data Compression Standard Committee. Dr. Tian is in charge of this activity.


The next meeting is tentatively scheduled at 4:00pm (Beijing Time Zone, GMT 8:00am) on June 13, 2020 in Xiamen, China. Remote attendees can request to set up teleconference service at least one week ahead of the meeting.

This resolution written by Xiaoxu Luan (secretary) is approved on the meeting.

The meeting closed at 6:00pm April 3rd, 2020.



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