IEEE C/DC 1857.11 Sub-Working Group
Formerly IEEE C/DC Future Video Coding Study Group

Overview of IEEE 1857.11

The predecessor of the IEEE 1857.11 sub-working group was the Future Video Coding Study Group, which was dedicated to study image compression and video coding technologies that are promising for future standards, especially, learning-based compression/coding technologies.

As the research continued to mature, the Study Group officially became the IEEE 1857.11 sub-working group of IEEE 1857 WG on September 23, 2021, under the Data Compression Standards Committee.

This sub-working group aims to provides efficient, neural network-based coding tools for compression, decompression, and packaging of image data, which significantly improve the compression efficiency compared to IEEE Std 1857.4 (intrapicture coding) and IEEE Std 1857.10 (intrapicture coding) under comparable settings, and facilitate the compression and decompression on top of neural network-oriented computing infrastructures like neural network processing units (NPUs). The target applications and services include but are not limited to Internet images, user-generated images, and other image-enabled applications and services such as digital image storage and communications.

The scope: This standard defines a set of tools for efficient image coding, including tools for encoding, for decoding, and for encapsulation. All or some of the tools may be based on trained neural networks, and may perform block partitioning, prediction, transform, quantization, entropy coding, filtering, etc.

IEEE Data Compression Standards Committee

IEEE C/DC 1857 Working Group