Data Compression Standards Committee
IEEE Computer Society/ Data Compression Standard Committee (C/DC)

The 8th IEEE-DCSC plenary and WG meetings were successfully held

The 8th IEEE Computer Society/Data Compression Standards Committee (IEEE-DCSC) plenary meeting and working group meetings were held in Ocean Flower Island International Convention & Exhibition Center, Hainan, China from June 16th to 19th, 2021. The meetings were held both offline and online, about 200 experts around the World attended the meetings. From June 16th to 19th, all working groups under the IEEE-DCSC held inter-meetings discussing collected proposals, the progress of the project and the future development plans.

The IEEE-DCSC plenary meeting was held on the afternoon of June 19th, the Committee Chair Dr. Feng Wu hosted the meeting. The working groups reported the progress of the stage, and the Committee had full discussion on the motions received.

The IEEE Audio Video Coding Working Group (1857-WG) has submitted the 1857.9 and 1857.10 draft standards to IEEE MEC and it’s processing the standard balloting process. The revision PARs of 1857 and 1857.3 standards were approved at NesCom Meeting of IEEE Standards Association in June 2021. Besides, the liaison between 1857-WG and the Audio Video Coding Standard Workgroup of China (AVS Working Group) was formally established at the meeting, two groups will jointly participate in the development of audio and video coding standards.

The IEEE AI Model Representation, Compression, Distribution and Management Working Group (2941-WG) has 2 active sub-working groups currently. 2941 sub-working group have submitted the draft standard to IEEE MEC, the draft standard is expected to start the standard balloting process at the end of June 2021. 2941.1 sub-working group discussed the standard working plan, specific work arrangements need to be further discussed.

The IEEE Future Video Coding Study Group (FVC-SG) received and discussed 9 proposals, 2 proposals have been adopted that will help to improve the performance and reduce the complexity of NIC software. For the next step, FVC-SG plans to transfer to a new sub-working group of 1857-WG named 1857.11. FVC-SG members will work jointly with the AVS Working Group in developing image coding standards based on the liaison relationship.

During the meeting, the Committee reviewed 2 motions including approving the PAR draft to revise the standard P1857.2, and the draft standard of P2941.

Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, this is the first offline meeting since the establishment of IEEE-DCSC. The Committee specially invited Ms. Zhao Meng, the Senior Standards Manager of the IEEE China Representative Office to attend the meeting and supervise the meeting strictly following the IEEE international meeting requirement.

The next meeting is scheduled to be held in Harbin, China on Aug 28th, 2021. Please follow this official account and the working group’s official website for more information at the time.