Data Compression Standards Committee
IEEE Computer Society/ Data Compression Standard Committee (C/DC)

The 15th IEEE CS Data Compression Standard Committee Plenary Meeting Minutes

The 15th meeting of IEEE C/DC SC was held via online conference call. Quorum reached. The meeting was hosted by Prof. Feng Wu, the chair of DCSC.

Ms. Xiaoxu Luan presented the patent slides at the meeting. A call for potentially essential patents was made, and no potentially essential patent claims were declared, and no holders of potentially essential patents were identified. All IEEE CS DCSC members could ask for the IEEE official patent document from the secretary. The IEEE copyright policy and participant behavior statement were presented then. There were no questions or concerns. The meeting agenda was unanimously approved as presented without objection.

1857 WG – Audio Video Coding

1857.11: The Working Subgroup had organized the Call for Proposals on Neural Network-Based Image Coding. 7 proposals consist of 12 technical solutions were received for the CfP. These solutions were evaluated objectively and subjectively, and crosschecks were performed. In addition, 2 technical proposals were received. The working subgroup has decided to kick off working draft (WD) and core/explorative experiments. WD 1.0 is expected before the next meeting.

1857.12:The ballot pool was closed with 22 experts (Meet IEEE requirement). The ballot will be launched soon.

The revision projects are launched, and 1857.2-Rev is planned to submit the draft on next meeting.

2941 WG – AI Model Representation, Compression, Distribution and Management:

2941.1: The 1st round of ballot was open and will be closed on 1st July. 74% return ballots, which hasn’t met the requirement (75%).

2941.2: The sub-working group was approved by NesCom on 15th June. The draft standard is planned in Dec. 2022.

A cross-meeting is proposed and confirmed by 2941 WG and 1857 WG. It is scheduled during next meeting.

3122 WG – Intelligent Data Processing and Compression for Internet of Things:

The 3122WG: The 3rd meeting is held on June 23. 1 Investigation report was discussed and accepted. The following work plan was also discussed in the meeting.

3184 WG- Data Framework for Autonomous Driving

The PAR was approved by NesCom on 15th June 2022. The 1st 3184 WG Plenary Meeting was held on 23rd June. The working group officers were appointed by the chair: Prof. Yu Zhang as the Vice-chair, Prof. Li Li as the secretary.

3161 WG – Digital Retina Systems:

The 1st WG Plenary Meeting was held on 12th May, the officers were appointed by the chair during the meeting: Prof. Wenwu Zhu and Prof. Wen Ji are vice chairs, Ms. Xiaoxu Luan is the secretary.

The 2nd WG Plenary Meeting was held on 22nd June. The draft standard of P3161 and the PAR of new project 3161.9 were discussed and approved by the attendees.

Approval of the Draft Standard of P3161

Motion to approve the draft standard of P3161 (Mover: Prof. Yonghong Tian, Second: Prof. Yaowei Wang) The draft standard was unanimously approved as presented without objection.

Approval of the PAR for P3161.9

Motion to approve the draft standard of P3161 (Mover: Prof. Yonghong Tian, Second: Prof. Wen Ji) The PAR was unanimously approved as presented without objection.

The project information is listed below:

The Project Title: Standard for Protocols and Interfaces of Digital Retina Systems

The Project Scope: This standard defines transmission process, communication protocol, and data interfaces for the control flow and multiple data streams in digital retina systems with an end-edge-cloud coordinative visual computing architecture.

The next meeting is tentatively scheduled at 4:00 pm (Beijing Time Zone, GMT +8.00) in August 2022, China (The meeting notice will be published on our website one month before the meeting). Remote attendees can request to set up a teleconference service at least one week before the meeting.

This meeting minutes was approved on the meeting.

The meeting closed at 6:00pm on June 24th, 2022.


Annex 1: Meeting Agenda

Annex 2: Attendance List