Data Compression Standards Committee
IEEE Computer Society/ Data Compression Standard Committee (C/DC)

The 10th IEEE-DCSC plenary and WG meetings were successfully held

The 10th IEEE Computer Society/Data Compression Standards Committee (IEEE-DCSC) plenary meeting and working group meetings were held online via conference call from Aug 25th to 28th, 2021. All working groups under the IEEE-DCSC held inter-meetings discussing collected proposals, the progress of the project and the future development plans during the 4 days’ conference.

The IEEE-DCSC plenary meeting was held on the afternoon of Aug 28th, the Committee Chair Dr. Feng Wu hosted the meeting. The working groups reported the progress of the stage, and the Committee had full discussion on the motion received.

The IEEE Audio Video Coding Working Group (1857-WG) completed the first round of ballot of 1857.9 and 1857.10 standards, and the Comment Resolution Groups were formed to deal with the comments on both standards. The revision PAR of 1857.2 and the PAR of 1857.12 were submitted to NesCom and will be discussed at NesCom meeting on Sep 22nd, 2021.

The IEEE AI Model Representation, Compression, Distribution and Management Working Group (2941-WG) completed the first round of ballot of 2941 standard, and the Comment Resolution Group was formed to deal with the comments on the standard. 2941.1 sub-working group will proceed with the drafting standard as planned.

The IEEE Future Video Coding Study Group (FVC-SG) received and discussed 9 proposals, 2 proposals have been adopted that will help to enhance the performance of NIC software. FVC-SG already submitted the PAR of 1857.11 to NesCom and will be discussed at the following NesCom meeting.

During the meeting, the Committee reviewed a motion approving the PAR draft of the IOT Working Group. In the PAR, it mentions the standard will define a framework and a set of tools for intelligent data processing and compression of Internet of Things (IOT), including compression, decompression, representation, encapsulated format, and data encryption, signature, etc. The data includes video, audio, and relevant structured information such as time, location, object characteristic data, sensor data, artificial intelligence data, etc.

The next meeting is scheduled to be held in Changsha, China on Dec 11th, 2021. Please follow our official account and the working group’s official website for more information at the time.