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IEEE 2941.1-2022 and IEEE 1857.12-2022 were officially released

Recently, two IEEE standards sponsored by IEEE Computer Society Data Compression Standards Committee (DCSC) were officially released: the IEEE Standard for Operator Interfaces of Artificial Intelligence (IEEE 2941.1-2022) and the IEEE Standard for Smart Media Transport (IEEE 1857.12-2022).

IEEE 1857.12-2022 was developed under the leadership of the 1857.12 sub-working group, chaired by Professor Yiling Xu from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, with 28 experts from all over the world. This standard defines the smart media transport (SMT) protocol which is an Internet Protocol (IP)-based media protocol over both broadcasting networks and broadband networks, including data modeling, data transmission methods, signaling messages, and media presentation mechanisms. The SMT protocol supports not only the collaborative transmission of heterogeneous networks, but also new applications such as the flexible organization of contents and the synchronized presentation of multiple terminals. It also enables media to be efficiently and seamlessly transported between entities in the content development and distribution industries.

IEEE 2941.1-2022 was developed under the leadership of the 2941.1 sub-working group, chaired by Professor Chao Yang from Peking University, who is also the dean of PKU-Changsha Institute for Computing and Digital Economy, with the participation of 38 experts from all over the world. This standard defines a set of operator interfaces commonly used in artificial intelligence(AI) applications, including three categories: basic mathematics, neural networks, and machine learning. The interfaces take both generality and efficiency into consideration, and also support different dimensions, storage formats, precision, and types of data. It can significantly contribute to solving the problem of the adaptation challenge between software and hardware in heterogeneous systems, as well as reduce the complexity of AI software and hardware mapping, which is of great significance for guiding AI chip designers and software developers to design and develop AI operator libraries with unified application interfaces.

DCSC has been focusing on emerging technologies in the technical area of data compression and its related technologies, as well as collaborate with industrial and academic experts to develop standards. IEEE 1857.12-2022 purchase link: IEEE 2941.1-2022 purchase link: