Data Compression Standards Committee
IEEE Computer Society/ Data Compression Standard Committee (C/DC)

The 21st IEEE CS Data Compression Standard Committee Plenary Meeting Minutes

The 21st meeting of IEEE C/DC SC was held in Changsha, China. Quorum reached. The meeting was hosted by Prof. Feng Wu, the chair of DCSC.

Ms. Xiaoxu Luan presented the patent slides at the meeting. A call for potentially essential patents was made, no potentially essential patent claims were declared; no holders of potentially essential patents were identified. All IEEE CS DCSC members could ask for the IEEE official patent document from the secretary. The IEEE copyright policy and participant behavior statement were presented then. There were no questions or concerns. The meeting agenda was unanimously approved as presented without objection.

1857 WG – Audio Video Coding

1857-Rev: Officially published on 25 Nov. 2023. Purchase link:

1857.2-Rev: Officially published on 25 Sep. 2023. Purchase link:

1858.3-Rev: The draft was approved by IEEE, and the final version is under proofreading.

1857.11 Sub-WG- Neural Network-Based Image Coding

1857.11 Sub-Working-Group had the 14th meeting on Dec. 15, 2023 (Chengdu & Online). The sub-working-group received and discussed 9 input contributions about reference software maintenance, core experiments, technology improvements, and crosscheck reports respectively. Two (2) contributions were adopted. The sub-working-group planned to have the 15th meeting before Dec. 29, 2023 (Online) to revisit some contributions. The sub-working-group planned to submit the Standard Draft to DCSC in Jan. 2024.

Approval of of the revision process for 1857.5 (DCSC-21-N0001)

Motion to approve the revision process for P1857.5-revision. (Mover: XXX; Second: Prof. Yonghong Tian). Prof. Xiaochen Wang presented the PAR. According to the discussion in the meeting, it is decided that P1857.5 standard will enter the revision process and the PAR was unanimously approved as presented without objection. The original team will continue to be responsible for relevant work. The chair of 1857.5 is Xiaochen Wang.

2941 WG – AI Model Representation, Compression, Distribution and Management

2941.2: Officially published on 22 Nov. 2023. Purchase link:

A new standard project on graph neural networks was discussed and plan to submit to the WG on next meeting.

3122 WG -Intelligent Data Processing and Compression for Internet of Things

The 10th P3122 WG meeting was held on December 14. The standard draft was discussed, and further modification was required.

3161 WG – Digital Retina Systems

The 9th IEEE 3161 Working Group Meeting was held on December 15th. 3 contributions about P3161.2, P3161.3 and P3161.4 were received and discussed, all rejected.

3184 WG- Data Framework for Autonomous Driving

The plenary meeting was held on 15th December 2023. 3 contributions of P3184.1, P3184.2 and a new PAR were received and discussed. The contribution of P3184.1 was adopted with revision. The working draft of P3184.1 will be submitted to DCSC at the next meeting. The contributions of P3184.2 and a new PAR were rejected.

3366 WG- Volumetric Data Compression

The 3rd 3366 WG plenary meeting was held on 14th December 2023. 7 technical contributions related to P3366.1 and P3366.2 were presented, discussed, and approved during the meeting.

3404 WG- Data and Model of Multiple Computing Centers

The 1st 3404 Working Group Plenary Meeting was held on December 14th. Attendees approved the working group P&P and discussed the future working plan. The WG chair Dr. Yue Yu appointed WG officers, which Dr. Guangping Huang as the vice chair, and Dr. Yehong Zhang as the secretary.

The next meeting is tentatively scheduled in March 2024. (The meeting notice will be published on our website one month before the meeting). Remote attendees can request to set up a teleconference service at least one week before the meeting.

This meeting minutes was approved on the meeting.

The meeting closed at 17:00 on December 16th, 2023.


Annex 1: Meeting Agenda

Annex 2: Attendance List