P2145 Blockchain Governance Standards Working Group

Blockchain / DLT Governance is a complex topic. The topic is made more difficult by a lack of a shared language. This Working Group exists to identify and share a common vocabulary for discussing the governance of shared ledgers, and to create standards for DLT governance vocabulary, for governance activities (a Process Model), and possibly for defining the maturity of a governance regime (a Maturity Model).

About Our Working Group

Scope: IEEE P2145™ Standard for Framework and Definitions for Blockchain Governance provides a common nomenclature and framework for describing and building blockchain/DLT governance across all use cases and contexts, including public, private, permissioned, permissionless, and hybrid. The standard takes an holistic approach for Blockchain Governance, integrating governance for business and technology aspects across the blockchain solution lifecycle. The standards will serve as Practitioner’s Guide for those involved in Blockchain Governance. The standard is only normative regarding terminology. It is non-normative with respect to the design of particular blockchain protocols and systems. Where two terms are in common use for one concept, the standard shall define both terms and elaborate on any meaningful distinctions between them.

Let’s Collaborate

P2145 actively seeks participation from individuals plus other standards organizations, blockchain ecosystems, consortia, and other entities in pursuit of our holistic and collaborative approach to standards development.  If you represent an organization with an interest in DLT governance standards, please contact us by emailing one of the officers.

By joining the group you will be able to work side-by-side with other experts in the field, attend the meetings, contribute to the standards, and access draft deliverables. In addition to joining the main group, you can join one or more subgroups, where you can contribute to the specific work areas and go deeper in the subject matter.

WG Officers


Savita Farooqui
savita.farooqui at ieee.org

Vice Chair

Frederic de Vaulx 
f.devaulx at prometheuscomputing.com


Currently vacant position.
Please contact the Chair or Vice Chair to learn more and find out if you or someone you know might be interested in this position. Thank you!

Sub Working Group Leads

Lexical Standards Chair

Thomas Fuhrman

Governance Framework Chair

Savita Farooqui

Interoperability Chair

Michael Solomon, PhD

Follow Our Work

P2145 is active on LinkedIn. Follow our page to receive updates on what we are working on.

Governance Framework Sub Working Group

This sub working group is focused on creating a Governance Framework for Blockchain Systems, across different use cases and contexts, and across different aspects of Blockchain systems including technology stack, business domains, and system development life cycle among others.

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Lexical Standards Sub Working Group

The intent of the Lexical Standards subgroup is to provide a common nomenclature for describing blockchain/DLT governance across all use cases and contexts, including public, private, permissioned, permissionless, and hybrid.

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Interoperability Sub Working Group

The Interoperability Sub Working Group defines a common vocabulary and governance framework for Blockchain Interoperability, which includes interoperability between two more Blockchain platforms, protocols, networks, ledgers, smart contracts, as well as interoperability with other enterprise systems.

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