IEEE P2145

Governance Framework Sub Working Group

The IEEE P2145 Working Group’s intent is to provide a common nomenclature and framework for describing blockchain governance across all use cases and contexts, including public, private, permissioned, permissionless, and hybrid.

This sub working group is focused on creating a Governance Framework for Blockchain Systems.

Our work takes a holistic approach to Blockchain Governance, addressing Governance across different aspects of Blockchain systems including technology stack, business domains, and system development life cycle among others.

The framework is intended to be used by practitioners involved in creating, operating and enhancing Blockchain Systems, along with addressing the associated governance challenges and needs, across industry sectors.

The framework will enable Governance by Design rather than Governance as an afterthought.

Join us and contribute to create this Practitioner’s Guide for Blockchain Governance!

Active Members

  • Savita Farooqui, SymSoft Solutions, Chair
  • Thomas Klein, BusinessBlock, Lead Business stack
  • Thomas Fuhrman, VECTORmv LLC, Lead Technology stack
  • Frederic De Vaulx, Lead Governance Design Patterns
  • Wendy Charles, BusrtIQ
  • Jack McCoy, Idoptic Consulting
  • Jack Crumbly, Tuskegee University
  • Nitish Bharadwaj, Reliance Jio

Membership and Involvement

To be part of this subgroup, you must be a member of the IEEE P2145 Working Group. If you wish to join, please register by clicking on the button below.

Once you have registered, please reach out to Savita Farooqui to participate in subgroup activities.