Learning Technology Standards Committee (LTSC) – Assuring Compatibility Across Ed Tech Product Categories

The LTSC follows an open and transparent formal standards development process and fully supports the IEEE’s sponsorship of the OpenStand Initiative. We coordinate with other organizations, both formally and informally, that produce specifications and standards for learning technologies.We welcome new members who can volunteer their time and expertise to understanding and solve product interoperability issues caused by the rapid advance of new educational technologies. Membership in the LTSC is by an individual. For Individuals who are interested in participating you are encouraged to contact the LTSC Chair or the relevant Work Group Chair. 

 LTSC Officers

  • Chair – Richard Tong
  • Vice Chair – Jim Goodell
  • Secretary – Brandt Redd
  • Treasurer – Shelly Blake-Plock –  shelly@yetanalytics.com

LTSC Work Group Chairs

  • Child and Student Data Governance Working Group (P7004) – Marsali Hancock  – marsalih@gmail.com
  • Augmented Reality Learning Experience Model (ARLEM IEEE P1589– Fridolin Wild  wild@brookes.ac.uk 
  • Technical Advisory Group (TAG) for xAPI – Shelly Blake-Plock –  shelly@yetanalytics.com
  • Adaptive Instructional Systems (AIS P2247) – Robert Sottilare – aeturnabob@gmail.com
  • IEEE Industry Connections Industry Consortium on Learning Engineering (ICICLE) – Michael Jay – michael@edusystemics.com
  • Mobile Learning Platforms (P7919.1)) -John Costa, Chair jbcosta@repubit.com  
  • JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Data Model Format and Representational State Transfer (RESTful) Web Service for Learner
    Experience Data Tracking and Access Work Group (P9274.1) – Jono Poltrack – jonopoltrack@GMAIL.COM
  • SCORM Renew Work Group (1484.11.3/1484.12.3) – Chair Andy Johnson – andy.johnson.ctr@adlnet.gov Co-Chair Frank Polster secretary@ieee-ltsc.org
  • Competencies Work Group (1484.20.1) – Jim Goodell –  jimgoodell@qi-partners.com
  • Federated Machine Learning WG P3562.1 – Chair: Qiang Yang,  qyang@cse.ust.hk