Active Work Groups

The following workgroups are presently active within the LTSC:

  • Adaptive Instructional Systems (AIS) (P2247)
  • Augmented Reality Learning Experience Model (AR-LEM) (P1589)
  • Child and Student Data Governance(CSDG) (P7004)
  • Collaborative Edge Computing (CED)
  • Conceptual Model for Learning Technology Systems (CM4LTS) (P1484.1)
  • Computer-Managed Instruction (CMI) (P1484.11.2 P1484.11.2)
  • Digital Literacy, Skills and Readiness (DLSR) (P3527.1)
  • Experience API Base Standard (xAPI) (P9274)
  • Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) (P2894)
  • Federated Machine Learning (FML) (P3652.1)
  • Interoperable Learner Records (ILR) (P1484.2)
  • Learning Object Metadata (LOM) (P1484.12)
  • Mobile Learning Platforms (Mobile) (P7919.1)
  • Recommended Practices for Defining Competencies (P1484.20)
  • Resource Aggregation Models for Learning, Education, and Training (RMLTWG) (P1484.13)
  • Renewing SCORM Standards (SCORM) (P1484.11.1 P1484.11.2 P1484.12.1, P1484.12.3)
  • Standard for Learning Metadata (LMeta) (P2881)