IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee (LTSC)

Active Working Groups

The following groups are presently active within the LTSC:

Working Groups:

  • (P9274) Experience API (xAPI) (page)
    • P9274.2.1 Standard for JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data (JSON-LD) for Application Profiles of Learner Experience Data
    • P9274.4.2 Recommended Practice for Cybersecurity in the Implementation of the Experience Application Programming Interface (xAPI)
    • P9274.3.1 Standard for Packaging, Launch, and Run-time of Experience Application Programming Interface (xAPI) in Session-based Learning
  • (P1484.2) Learning and Employment Records Ecosystem (LER) Recommended Practices (page)
  • (P2247) Adaptive Instructional Systems (AIS)
    • (P2247.2) Standard for Adaptive Instructional Systems Interoperability (page)
    • (P2247.4) Adaptive Instructional Systems Ethical Considerations
  • (P2834) Secure and Trusted Learning Systems (page)
  • (P2881) Standard for Learning Metadata (page)
  • (P2955) Recommended Practice for Creating Self Learning Tutorials and Side by Side Learning (page)
  • (P2997) Enterprise Learner Record
  • (P7004) Child and Student Data Governance (CSDG)
  • (P7919) Standards for Mobile Learning Technology

Industry Connections

  • Industry Consortium on Learning Engineering (ICICLE) (page)